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Parents and children are not the only ones affected by child custody law. Every state, including Texas, guarantees certain rights to grandparents pertaining to custody and visitation. These rights are limited. The courts presume that a child's best guardian is his or her parents until there is reason to believe otherwise, and grandparents do not possess any automatic rights to custody or visitation. Nevertheless, a Texas court may grant such rights to a grandparent under any of the following conditions: the child's parents are divorced; the parents have been found incompetent to raise the child; a parent has been incarcerated; a parent has died; the child has been abused or neglected; the parent-child relationship has been terminated by the court; or the grandparent has lived with the child for at least six months. As always, the courts must prioritize the best interest of the child above all other considerations. This means looking at the entire family situation, including the grandparents' abilities and circumstances, as well as many other factors, before deciding who has custody and visitation rights over a child.

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